About Us

Montrose Video is composed of two video professionals, Mark and Deborah Shapiro with over 25 years of experience in broadcast, corporate, and professional sports videography and production.  We produce videos for promotional, web and corporate business needs.  We also create consumer videos for home inventories, horse shows and video biographies.

Mark and Deborah met on a freelance gig at the local PBS station over ten years ago and were married a couple of years later.   Both shoot and edit and are available for freelance jobs.   We work with other video professionals and if we can’t do it, we know who can.

Contact us by email at deb@montrosevideo.com.  For a list of our equipment, please click here.


Deborah Shapiro is the primary producer, videographer and editor for Montrose Video.  She has been in the industry for over twenty-five years, working primarily for corporations and national cable programming.   She has produced, shot and edited marketing videos, corporate news programs, web videos, surgeries, commercials and live events for local businesses and corporations.  A few  of her clients include Summa Health System, Eaton Corporation, The Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, The City of Cleveland, PBS, NASA, Mimi’s, YMCA and a variety of small business and other independent video producers.   She has worked on shoots for the History Channel, Discovery Channel, Game Show Network, Food Network, Good Morning America and A&E.  She’s also an artist and loves to hike.

Mark Shapiro occasionally helps out on Montrose Video shoots as a videographer.  He has been a freelance sports cameraman for over twenty years, videotaping the Cleveland Indians, the Cleveland Cavaliers as well as other professional teams in the Midwest along with regional college games.  He has worked for STO, Fox Sports, ESPN, NBC, and ABC and has shot concerts for MTV and the Gravity Games.

Due to his line of work, he has unfortunately been hit by baseball bats, balls, and players.  If you have a couple of minutes, check out his series of hits in the video below.